iPhone Mockup: No Drawing Skills Required, Just Imagination

One thing that i really really hate is that i cant draw. I cant draw not even my life would depend on that. But good thing that this internet “thingy” is so vast that you can find about anything you want.

For example, if you would want to create an iPhone mockup, and you cant draw at all, you can go to this site and you pretty much are one click away from your imagination.

You will find a iPhone body sketch, that is already created, and all you need to do is to drag and drop different elements, that they call widgets, in order to create your iPhone mockup.

All changes are stored immediately and you can share the Mockup by sharing the URL.Everyone who knows the URL can make changes. Changes will be synchronized live. To test this, open the URL in two different browser windows.

Double-click widgets to add or change text labels.Drag widgets to the trash to delete them. Note that your mockups are not protected in any way other than by a non-obvious URL, so don’t use this service for “secret” mockups. Only create mockups you would show in public. I can not be held responsible if you create a mockup and your competition figures out how to access it!