iOS 10.1 Enables iPhone 7 Plus Bokeh ‘Portrait’ Mode. Here’s a First Look [video]


At the iPhone 7 press event Apple promised that “later this year” , via software update, iPhone 7 Plus user will be able to enjoy a feature that mimics a shallow depth of field.

It turns out that the feature will be available sooner than expected, as Apple released iOS 10.1 beta to developers with bokeh “Portrait” mode.

Even if it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes, “Portrait” is now an option in the native Camera app if you have an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.1 beta.

When you shoot a photo in “Portrait”, you must lock on your subject to separate it from the background and simulate what is known in photography as a “bokeh” effect.

Check out the video below demonstrating the feature…

[via 9to5mac]