Google Re-Launches Gmail App For iPhone and iPad

About two weeks ago, Google pulled the official Gmail app for iOS devices, just a couple of hours after release. ”The iOS app we launched […] contained a bug with notifications,” read a tweet on the Gmail Twitter feed. “We have pulled the app to fix the problem. Sorry we messed up.” Today, Google released v1.0.1.

With the Gmail app, you can:

  • Receive notification badges for new messages
  • Read your mail with threaded conversations
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam
  • Keep track of important messages with priority inbox
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Search through all your mail

Gmail for iPhone and iPad is available for free in the app store

NOTE: you will need to uninstall or log out of the old app prior to installing the new app.