GIFVid: Create 16 Frame GIF Animation On Your iPhone

If you are too creative to stick to normal photos but too lazy to do proper videos, try GIFVid! — another way of snapshots. You take a short video or a sequence of photos with your iPhone as usual, and GIFVid makes a 16 frame flipping GIF animation out of it. The GIF is a good legacy format for lightweight animations, so you can share it easily just by emailing or uploading to share on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr with a few touches. All in 1 minute, has video sharing ever been done this easy?

NOTE: Movies are only supported by iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch. Photos are available for all devices with cameras.

GIFVid is available for $1.99 ( release sale price )in the app store…