How To Get Detailed Info About An App Store Download in iOS 7


When downloading an app from the App Store, Apple made the transaction as minimal and non-intrusive as possible. In iOS 7 the only thing you see is the app’s icon building itself on your home screen. But if you want more info about the download, you should check out AppETA – a new Cydia tweak it will display the size of the app, ETA of the download, speed and developer name.

With the tweak installed you can double-tap on the downloading app and you will get a pop-up screen similar to the ones in the screenshots above. It will promo you with the following info:

  • The status of the download
  • The file size of the application you’re downloading
  • The estimated time before completion
  • The application download speed
  • The developer of the game
  • A large preview of the application icon
  • A progress bar

At the bottom of the screen you will also find 3 buttons:

  • Dismiss – to dismiss the info screen
  • App page – to visit the App Store page for the app you’re downloading
  • Cancel – to cancel your download

The tweak also comes with its own dedicated preference pane in the from where you can:

  • enable/disable the tweak
  • enable/disable the double tap gesture that displays the extra info
  • choose between a light or dark pop-up window ( see screenshots above )
  • enable/disable the classic-style download progress bar
  • enable/disable the label on the icon
  • make the label the percentage of completion or estimated size
  • choose the color of the label
  • enable/disable iOS 7’s default progress indicator
  • configure an alarm ETA which will replace useless “Alarm” text to estimated time remaining, just like on Android. Just double tap on downloading icon to present alert with all information.

If you’re interested in giving AppETA a run, you can download it for $0.99 from Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…