Ferdi: A Free, Open Source, Cross Platform, All-in-One Messaging App

Most people are probably familiar with Franz, and open source messaging app that combines a lot of chat and messaging services into one app. Great app but on the free version you can only add 3 services to use at the same time. Want more services? You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription.

That’s where Ferdi comes in. Ferdi is a hard-fork of Franz that adds some awesome features and removes unwanted ones.

Ferdi-specific Features

    • Removes the counter-productive fullscreen app delay inviting users to upgrade
    • Removes pages begging you to donate after registration
    • Remove “Franz is better together” popup
    • Remove bug that would incorrectly display unread messages count on some services
    • Makes all users Premium by default
    • Using the Ferdi API instead of Franz’s servers
    • Add option to change server to a custom ferdi-server
    • Add option to use Ferdi without an account
    • Add “Private Notification”-Mode, that hides message content from notifications
    • Add Password Lock feature to keep your messages protected
    • Add an option to keep individual workspaces always loaded
    • Add universal Dark-Mode via the DarkReader extension
    • Add an option to auto-hide the menubar
    • Add “Quick Switch” feature to help you navigate a long list of services (similar to Rambox’s Quick Switcher)
    • Add “Service Hibernation” that will automatically unload services when they are unused
    • Add “Scheduled Do-not-Disturb” feature in which you won’t get notifications (similar to Rambox’s Work Hours)
    • Add CTRL+← and CTRL+→ shortcuts and menu options to go back and forward in the service browsing history
    • Add option to show a browser-like navigation bar on all services
    • Add option to change accent color
    • Add portable version for Windows
    • Add Process Manager to find services using a lot of resources
    • Add “npm run prepare-code” command for development to lint and beautify code
    • Add button to open darkmode.css for a service
    • Switch to electron-spellchecker ti improve application size
    • Improve “About Ferdi” screen to better display versions
    • Minifying build files to improve app size
    • Makes it possible to edit the “Franz Todo” server
    • Makes RocketChat self-hosted generally available
    • Comes with a custom branding proper to Ferdi

Download Ferdi for macOS, Linux and Windows here. On macOS you can also install Ferdi via Homebrew ( brew cask install ferdi ). For more info on Ferdi check this.