Ever Wanted to Build Your Own Apple Store? [video]


Lego blocks. You can literally build anything with them, but it’s really nice for those of us without engineering degrees when there is a kit available for whatever it is we want to build. Now I don’t know about you, but one thing I have always wanted to build out of legos is an Apple Store… ok well not really, but its still cool as hell.

A fellow lego lover has submitted the plans for “Lego Mini Shops Series” on Cuusoo and it looks like it should fly past the support requirement for lego review (as of this writing, it has 9512 of the 10000 votes required), so it’s a possibility that we very well might see these become a real kit! The idea includes the plans for a 7 Eleven, McDoanlds, Starbucks, and a pretty sweet mini Apple store.

Think this is as cool as we do? Head on over to Cuusoo and cast your vote of support!