Element Case Skate Legends Series: Legendary Skate Graphics On iPhone 4/4S Cases [video]

The ’70s, ’80s and ’90s were incredible decades for the counter-culture world of skateboarding. From the Z-Boys, backyard pools and the Ollie, to the McTwist, handrails and the 900, skating bore witness to many dynamic individuals executing revolutionary and incredible feats of creative athletic ability. Element Case has announced its partnership with a select group of legends from skateboard history and Powell Peralta, to present the first edition of their Element Case SKATE LEGENDS SERIES.

With this exclusive limited series they are bringing some of the most iconic deck graphics from those explosive eras to the iPhone 4/4s, by combining them with three of Element Case’s premium iPhone 4/4s protective cases.

You can check out the Skate Legends series of cases, and choose between one of three different premium case packages: the Vapor Pro, Vapor Comp, or the Formula 4 here.