Couria Adds Quick Reply/Compose to iOS 7’s

couria-quick-reply-message-iPhone-1-FSMdotCOMIf you want to improve the default in iOS 7, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles of BiteSMS then, Couria might just be what you’re looking for. Couria is a free Cydia tweak thats adds a centralized and customizable quick reply and quick compose system for iOS 7.

Once Couria is installed, and enabled from the, the default in iOS 7 will allow you to quick reply to texts and iMessages as such:

  • while on the Lockscreen,  just slide on the text notification to launch quick reply ( see below )
  • while on Springboard or in-app, tap on the banner notification to launch quick reply ( see above )

You can also trigger Quick Compose using Activator, and the tweak is completely themeable.

Couria is an open source project and if you want to contribute, create themes or extensions for it, you should visit GitHub for more info.

Right now Couria is in beta stages and comes with support for iOS 7 and arm64 device. To install Couria on your iOS 7 device, add the following repo in Cydia: