Check Out The VYSK QS1 Privacy Case for iPhone 5/5s


VYSK unveiled a new way of securing your mobile privacy – the QS1 ( QS stands for Quantum Secure ). The QS1 is an iPhone 5/5S battery case that allows you to instantly shut down the iPhone’s microphones and encrypt communications through a VoIP connection just by flicking a switch on the case.

Basically the case will allow you to simply secure your voice, text and photo transmissions. Furthermore, the VYSK QS1 will also feed 50% more battery life int o your iPhone.

The case will be available later this year for $229 for the iPhone 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. For more info and to pre-order the case visit the source.

PS: by the time this case will hit the market, the iPhone 6 will probably be out – or at least near release. Still… a nice concept/case.