Cheats Codes: SimCity for iPhone and iPod Touch

Activate Cheat Mode :

Shake the game to display the “Enter Cheat Code” screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Construction costs set to $0
Enter i am weak as a code

All extra rewards

Enter pay tribute to your king as a code.

Recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator and normal incinerator

Enter garbage in, garbage out as a code.

High tech industries
Enter nerdz rule as a code.

All Ordinances
Enter i love red tape as a code.

Call Cousin Vinnie:

After typing this, chose the Meet option and look for ”Local Fundraising Event.” Chose it to meet Vinnie. If you say yes, you get §100,000. Say no, and he’ll let you use the next cheat.


Gives you the SimCity Castle (must meet with Vinnie first).

Power To The Masses:

Makes all power plants available.

Water In The Desert:

Makes all water structures available.

Let’s Make a Deal:

Gives you all business deals already not accepted.

UFO Swarm:

After entering this, choose ”Start UFO Attack” on the Disaster menu for a UFO armada.

1234; advisor; bat; broccoli; easter egg; electronic arts; erts; FUND; fund; hello; HELP; help; llama; MAXIS; maxis; mayor; money; moremoney; porntipsguzzardo; sc3k; sim; SIM; simcity; skurk; ticker; will wright: Enter one of these for a comment from the News Ticker.