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Camera+ Updated To v2.2.1 With ‘Sharing via SMS’ Feature

TapTapTap announced the update of the popular iOS camer app, Camera+, which comes with performance and stability enhancements and a new SMS sharing feature. Also, to celebrate its 1-year anniversary, the app is now on sale…

Here are the release notes for it:

  • sharing via SMS
  • fixed an issue where people weren’t able to login to Facebook to share on it
  • improved launch time
  • performance enhancements
  • fixed crashing issues on older devices
  • various other bug fixes and improvements

One of the major features that was slated for version 2.3, but we left it in here in 2.2.1 is SMS sharing. Note that we’re sharing photos via SMS and not MMS and the way that we’re doing this is to upload your photos to our server and then setup an SMS text message with a relatively secure URL for your photos.

This isn’t a perfect solution by any means, but our hands are tied because Apple doesn’t currently provide 3rd-party developers with a way to create MMS messages with attachments, unfortunately. Apple’s own apps are free to do this, though. Hopefully they’ll level the playing field someday.

Camera+ is on sale ( $0.99) in the app store…