Backgrounder For iPhone, iPod and iPad Gets Updated To svn.r521-1

New day, new update in Cydia: Backgrounder. Backgrounder allows for total control  of backgrounding on an iPhone/iOS-based device. With Backgrounder, you decide when an app should keep running, and when it should quit. The new update brings us to svn.r521-1 which comes with the following changes:

  • NEW: on iOS 4.x the ‘Native’ method will now allow fast app switching even for apps that have not yet been updated for iOS 4.x. This also works with the ‘Backgrounder’ method when ‘Fall Back to Native’ is ON. Currently this is disabled for non-App Store apps. Some devs purposely disable fast-aoo switching and ‘Backgrounder’ respects this setting. Due to this change, the ‘Auto Detect’ method may be removed in a future version (unless someone knows of a valid reason for keeping it )
  • MOD: Prevent Backgrounder preferences app from being backgrounded, otherwise settings might not be applied.

You can find Backgrounder for free in Cydia, via BigBoss repo…