Apple Is Exploring iPhone/TV Video Streaming

With tens of gigabytes of storage on the upcoming iPhone and it’s superb ability to play media content, your handset can actually become the main media hub in your home entertainment system.There’s one feature missing, that prevents the iPhone from realizing this potential though. The ability to seamlessly stream media content to your home cinema system.

That might be changing soon, if the feature, described in Apple’s patent app “Media out interface”, gets implemented.In this patent app Apple describes the iPhone capable of streaming video content from a dock to a connected TV monitor.The docked iPhone can be controlled by the TV/Apple remote. The interface also allows you to reject, answer and end incoming calls. Video playback is stopped when the incoming call is detected.

To tell the truth, I don’t see anything groundbreaking in this new possible feature. Other phones have been able to stream video to TV via TV out port for years. And then there is the whole DLNA initiative too.

Still, none of these things are adopted and used widely, beyond the circle of some high end consumers and geeks. So I guess it might take Apple to finally show the masses how cool it is to have all that content on your smartphone seamlessly show up on your home plasma TV.

[via unviwerdview]