App Outlet: A Universal Linux App Store

On Linux if you’re looking for a Flatpak you search Flathub. A Snap? Snapcraft. An AppImage? Well… there better be one on the release page. There’s various Linux app stores and formats around, and you might have a favorite.

After the Linux app store website died earlier this year, there wasn’t any source that gathers all the apps, in different formats, in a one single UI.

Until now…

App Outlet is a Universal application store inspired on the Linux App Store online service. It easily allows you to search and download [W.I.P] applications that runs on most Linux distributions. It currently works with AppImages, Flatpaks and Snaps.

There’s a search bar for finding packages by name or keyword and a categories bar that is might need some work. Way too specific right now.

When searching for a package, App Outlet will return separate results for each package from the matching store. You can also filter the results so App Outlet will only show results from a specific store, but App Store outlet defaults to showing results from all stores.

You can run/build App Outlet for macOS and Windows too. But the installing app features will probably not work

For more info check out App Outlet