Altwork Redefines The Workstation [video]


After five years of engineering research and over $1 million spent, Artwork has unveiled its first product dubbed the “Altwork Station”, aiming to redefine what a computer workstation is suppose to be and hoping to make people happier, more comfortable and overall more productive.

The Altwork Station allows you to sit, stand or lie down while you work without having to move at all.

Early adopters can purchase the workstation for $4,900 USD (for the Signature) or $3,900 USD (for the Regular). The Signature option is limited, and includes a variety of upholstery options and special engraving. After the early adopter phase, the Altwork Station will retail for $5,900 USD.

To learn more about the Artwork Station check out the video below( NOTE: if you’re easily bored jump to 1:06 ). To pre-order one, check out the official website.