XLR8 Makes Your Car Sound Like A Race Car As You Drive [video]

While actually owning a supercar can prove to be incredibly expensive, with just $0.99 and your iOS powered device, you can get the next best thing: the smooth, powerful sounds produced by their mighty engines no matter what you drive.

The app, designed by 2XL Games, is called XLR8 (pronounced ‘accelerate’) and it uses the GPS and accelerometer in your phone to track your speed, braking, and cornering and convert that data into the sounds of a gas-guzzling V-8 through the speakers of your 4-banger, daily commuter, family van, or faithful, but rusty old ride.

You can even customize your experience using the sliders in the Options menu, where you can tweak shift points, gear ratios, brake pressure, and “drift” and “burnout” tones. For an additional fee, you can unlock the engine sounds produced by Ferrari, Lamborghini, a NASCAR vehicle, and a Ford GT40.

XLR8 is available for $0.99 in the app store


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