Actually, We Got It Wrong: iPhone Is Still Woz’s Favorite

In the previous article, we told you that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple , has a new favorite gadget: Google’s Nexus One. Woz’s favorite phones are still his iPhones, but he mentioned a few new gadgets he does enjoy playing with and consider them to be good.

Actually, everyone got it wrong. My favorite phones are my iPhones. When asked what my favorite gadgets were I took it to mean new gadgets I was playing with (that I considered good). I am not a switcher but I’m not going to tell people that the Nexus One is not a good gadget. Same for the Droid. I continually buy and play with new hot gadgets because I gets asked about them all the time. I have had prior Android phones that I didn’t consider good. I usually have between 2 and 6 different cell phones on me, more when there are interesting product introductions.

I try mainly to make good comments but I’m honest about flaws too. I don’t get into arguments trying to claim that there are objective reasons that make one person’s phone better than another’s. It’s subjective. You can’t win such arguments, only have a stressful life doing so. I have no problem praising and learning from non-Apple products as well as Apple products, when they are good.

[via Gizmodo]