WebLeaps: Search The Web With Powerful Commands For Mobile Safari

WebLeaps gives you a quick and easy way to use keywords to search specific sites directly from the Safari search bar, and it supports a large number of popular sites.

Using WebLeaps is easy. Simply start up Mobile Safari, and tap on the Search bar at the top-right of the screen. Enter a search phrase following a keyword, and you’ll be taken directly to that site!

For example, you can search for “w All That Remains” to look them up directly on Wikipedia, or “lfm All That Remains” to check out the band on Last.fm. Most common sites have keywords, just check the list below. If your favourite site is missing from the list send us an email so that it can be added in the next version!

WebLeaps supports a number of keywords for many popular websites. They hopefully won’t conflict with your normal searches, but if it does happen, prefix the search with the “g” keyword (or “yh” if that’s your preference). For example, let’s say you wanted to look up EB Games. But “eb games” will take you shopping for games at eBay! Instead, use “g eb games”, or alternatively “EB games”, since keywords are case-sensitive (and always lowercase).

The following is a list of all keywords supported by WebLeaps version 1.0.0. :

Search Engines

  • Google: g
  • Google Images: gi
  • Google News: gn
  • Wolfram Alpha: wa
  • Yahoo: yh


  • Wikipedia: w
  • Wikiquote: wquote
  • Wiktionary: wdef


  • Dictionary: def
  • Thesaurus: thes


  • Amazon: amz
  • eBay: eb
  • RetailMeNot: rmn


  • AZLyrics: lyr
  • Last.fm: lfm


  • GameFAQs: gamefaqs
  • GameSpot: gamespot
  • IGN: ign
  • Kotaku: kot
  • NeoGAF: gaf


  • Ars Technica: ars
  • GameFAQs: gamefaqs
  • GameSpot: gamespot
  • Gizmodo: giz
  • Kotaku: kot
  • LifeHacker: lh
  • Slashdot: /.
  • TechCrunch: tc


  • Digg: digg
  • Facebook: fb
  • Orkut: ork
  • Reddit: reddit
  • StackOverflow: sto
  • StackExchange: ste
  • Twitter: tw
  • YouTube: yt
  • Y Combinator Hacker News: yc OR hn


  • Whois.net: whois
  • BugMeNot: bmn

WebLeaps is available for $1.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…