Webkit Vulnerability Could Be A Massive Security Flaw

It was only earlier today in which we bought to you the discovery of another security flaw in iOS. This time its the turn of the mobile browsing tools in not just iOS, but also Android and the BlackBerry Playbook OS too. In fact any OS currently utilising the Webkit framework is vulnerable to the flaw.

Security firm CrowdStrike will be revealing the details of the vulnerability at the RSA conference on Wednesday. The issue is that a WebKit exploit could allow the remote execution of code on infected systems, and that infection can come from simply clicking a link on a web page. CrowdStrike claims that it has already managed to adapt some existing Android malware to be delivered in this manner.

To me this sounds like a perfect oppurtunity for one of the many iPhone hackers to get to work on introducing a payload of their own to the iOS devices that we have all come to love, ready for the next update just incase this isn’t patched.

But maybe that’s just me.