Waveboard: Google Wave Client For Mac.Upcoming Client For iPhone

Waveboard is a Google Wave client for Mac ( already available for download ). Waveboard for iPhone/iTouch is waiting for Apple’s approval

Google Wave seems to be the hottest thing since… sliced bread? nah, maybe Twitter. A lot of buzz and controversy around it. I joined “The Wave” a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the generosity of a FSMdotCOM reader ( Martin de los Santos ), whom was kind enough to send me an invitation. Didnt have time to use it by now, but today i started to pay attention to it, because of Waveboard.

Screen shot 2009-10-19 at 4.06.29 PM

Waveboard is a Google Wave client for Mac. Although Waveboard is in its pre-alpha stage ( please correct me if im wrong ) , you can already download and use it. Waveboard is very usable , even at this stage, and it’s pretty much what you expect. One thing that caught my attention as that when i opened waveboard, it automagically signed me in, without asking me to sign in. Hmm… pretty convenient…


Waveboard its also coming for the iPhone and iTouch and currently is waiting for Apple’s approval. You can already access Google Wave from your iPhone, by accessing wave.google.com/wave. However , such a client will be welcomed…


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