Wave Alarm: Motion Control Alarm Clock for iOS [video]

Wave alarm features motion control and gesture detection to snooze or disable your morning wake up alarm.

With Wave Alarm, there is no more fumbling on your night stand to snooze your alarm for those precious extra minutes. No more wrestling with a screaming alarm to press snooze or disable, two buttons that seem remarkably similar and close together in the early hours of the morning. With Wave Alarm, a simple motion gesture will quiet down your phone for a restful snooze or stress free wake up.

Besides revolutionary motion control, wave alarm features:

  • Real Time Weather so you know what to expect before you even get out of bed
  • Beautiful, modern interface with both analog and digital features
  • Brightness control
  • 10 Beautiful alarms sounds to choose from
  • Ability to wake up to music from your iPod library
  • Background alarms, so you never miss a wake up

Wave Alarm is available for free in the app store