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Voicemail Forwarder – Second App in Cydia Appstore

So far so good with Cydia Appstore. I was really affraid that the appstore will be populated by things no one should ever buy ( i.e. themes and ringtones ). The second app its called Voicemail Forwarder and it will let you forward voicemails to email. Here is what iClarified said about the app :

Voicemail Forwarder, an application which forwards voicemails to email, has become the second app to be sold on the Cydia Store.

The application adds new functionality to your existing iPhone Visual Voicemail. Instead of only being able to listen to your voicemails on your phone, you can now share those iportant messages with a single click.

Voicemail Forwarder gives you a new button that fires up an email with the current voicemail attached to it. You can then send the email as normal to any recipient.

The application costs $2.99.