Visual Mock Up Of How A 7.85-Inch iPad Looks and Feels Like

Although Steve Jobs had been adamant that a 10-inch screen is the minimum necessary for a tablet, there’s been increasing chatter in the rumor mill about the possibility of a smaller 7.85″ iPad that could be introduced sometime in 2012. The rationale behind the smaller form factor is for Apple to better compete against the new 7″ Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Even though we doubt this will happen, we still wonder how a 7″ iPad would look and feel like. MacRumors have put together these mockups of what a 7.85″ iPad, would look like in comparison to the existing 9.7″ iPad.  This “actual size” PDF that can be printed out so you can play with one yourself in real life.

Simply print the PDF at 100% size on your printer, and you too can see what a 7.85″ iPad feels like in hand. If you don’t have a printer handy, you can view it in actual size in an iPad web browser. If you save it as a web icon on your home screen, it will then launch without a menu bar so you can fully appreciate the size.

Download Printable PDFHome Screen (6MB)Keyboard (18MB)

View on an iPad: Actual Size