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Valeo Demonstrates Car Parking via iPhone [video]

Automotive equipment supplier Valeo put a new twist on its Park4U system at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt this week. It enabled the system to be controlled from an iPhone.

A Valeo representative stood outside the car, a Volkswagen Sharan, and parked it merely by using an iPhone app. The car, going in reverse, turned its wheel to slot into a narrow, perpendicular parking spot between two other cars.

For this demonstration, Valeo added remote control of accelerator and brake with an iPhone app. As such, a driver could pull up to a spot, jump out of the car, and park it using the iPhone. A system such as this would be useful for parking a car in narrow spaces, where it would be difficult to open the driver door once parked, and for wheelchair unloading, which might need more space next to the car than is available.