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Do Not Update to Firmware 2.2.1

The Dev-Team has announced that the new firmware 2.2.1 closes the “Injection hole” used by yellowsn0w to unlock 3G iPhones. While the “injection hole” still exists in the 1st gen iPhones you still should not upgrade until the Dev-Team updates the Pwns. You have been warned. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the Dev-Team to update the Pwns. So just sit back and relax, they are working on it.

If you are on an official carrier the unlock is of no importance to you. In a day or two (hopefully) QuickPwn will be updated to use the new 2.2.1 firmware.You will be able to update then, and rejailbreak.

If you need the unlock hold off on any updates until otherwise given the go ahead. Updating will result in your iPhone being locked and unusable on your nonofficial carrier. In the past Pwnagetool has been able to update while preserving the baseband of your iPhone. I can not state this will be the case for the new Firmware. The closing of the “injection hole” sounds more like Apple didn’t update the baseband, but just secured the vulnerability in the 2.2 firmware.

You might ask why would Apple only block the unlock and not jailbreaking also. Well Apple has contracts with carriers all over the world to be the only carriers that offer service for the 3G.  Apple doesn’t want to stop jailbreaking because it voids your warranty. Basically the same as if you bought a brand new 3G and went out in the parking lot and smashed it on the ground. Apple isn’t going to replace it. If you break your iPhone you have to buy another, and that makes Apple more money. If you unlock your phone Apple loses money, because if they don’t stop you they get sued by the carriers. It’s your iPhone you can do what ever you want with it. Apple just has to cover their butts and try to keep them locked to official carriers.

I hope this not only convinced you to wait on your firmware upgrade, but also explained to you why you should always hold off until the Dev-Team has had time to update the Pwns to work with the new firmwares. New features are fine and dandy as long as they don’t take away all the other nifty features you have added.