Do Not Update EricaUtilities

There are varied reports that Erica Utils (a well-known cydia package) is harming the ability for (cracked) applications to run or be installed on the iPhone.

Erica utils is depended on by Crackulous and Installous to carry on specific tasks in regards to Info.plist and app-specific information. Without this utility working properly as was before, at least with Installous/Crackulous, it may affect the ability to do a clean install of iPhone apps.

We are hearing now that it’s possible that the parameter order is causing this problem. – confirmed that this is at least one problem

Hackulous team is are working on repairing their scripts so they will work with the new parameters name..

NOTE: i updated to the new EricaUtilities and there is no problem yet. or at least nothing noticeable. In case you upgraded and things got messy, download EricaUtilities v1.4 here