Twitter Updates iPhone App With Better Copy/Paste Support, DM UI Redesign and Font Size Settings

Just a quick heads-up: Twitter has pushed a new update for their iPhone app which comes with better copy/paste support, direct messages UI redesign, font size settings and more.

What’s New in Version 4.1 ( changes are for iPhone only ) :

  • Swipe shortcut
  • Copy and paste for tweets and profiles
  • Press and hold actions on links in tweet details
  • Font size settings
  • Direct Message improvements
  • Confirmation alert for Find Friends
  • Improved startup time and general performance improvement
  • Improved image quality in tweet detail
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Profile shows whether a user follows you
  • Verified badges in people search results
  • New language: Turkish
  • Lots of other polish and bug fixes

Twitter app is available in the app store