Tweetbot For iPad Updated With Retina Graphics, Live Streaming and Camera+ 3.0 Support

Tapbots has updated Tweetbot for iPad today, which comes with a lot of new features including retina display-ready graphics and support for the newly updated Camera+ 3.0

New in version 2.1:

  • iPad graphics optimized for the new iPad’s retina display
  • Streaming (when on WiFi with settings to disable it)
  • The “new tweets” sound is now limited to mentions, DM’s, and new tweets via pull-to-refresh
  • Double-tapping on the timeline tab button takes you to last read tweet before going to the top
  • Improvements to the Tweetmarker service
  • Camera+ 3.0 Capturing/Editing Support
  • Bug fixes related to direct messages
  • Many other bug fixes


Instead of pull-to-refresh to check for new tweets or waiting for the 5 minute auto-refresh to take place, tweets appear instantly in your timeline as they are published.
There are a few limitations to streaming which Twitter has put in place:

  • Streaming only works over WiFi. Tweetbot will automatically turn streaming on and off depending on your network status.
  • Streaming is limited to running on three versions of Tweetbot at a given time per user account.

iPad version ready for Retina

Tweetbot 2.1 for the iPad is now retina-ready for the upcoming new iPad. Just like you, we can’t wait to see how Tweetbot will look on the new retina display.

New Camera+ 3.0 Support

With the release of Taptaptap’s Camera+ 3.0, you can now use Cam+ to edit or take photos for Tweetbot. If you have Cam+ 3.0 installed on your device, there will be new options when you are in the menu to add an image to a tweet.

Tweetbot for iPad is available in the app store