Trygger: A Polarizing Clip Filter For The iPhone 5 [video]


The iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip uses a polarizing filter to block noisy light so you can make your best photos.

The polarizing filter on the Trygger Camera Clip cuts out bright unwanted reflections and it is removable so it doesn’t block your flash. We designed it to fit snugly on the iPhone 5 so no extraneous light could leak into your photos.

Photo apps like Instagram create neat effects by adding filters after you take a photo. The Camera Clip filters the actual light that comes into your camera as you are taking a photo. This means you’ll end up with photos that look better whether you use them on their own or with a photo app.

Trygger’s hand-made polarizing filters are created by placing a color neutral polarizing film between two layers of scratch resistant, high-grade optical glass.

For more info check out the pics and video below and also, the official project page on kickstarter…