I found this ToyCamera iPhone app today.And to be honest it is great.Enhancement for the iPhone built-in camera which really, kinda suck. It is a pretty simple app, with no settings panel. All you have to do is to take a photo, look at it decide if u want to keep it or retake the photo and that’s it. ToyCamera does its job. There is no photo editing knowledge involved. ToyCamera automatically apply different effect to the photo. The only thing is that you have no control over the effects. I took several photos on a dim light in my room and some had the effect you see in the picture attached to this post, some  were black and white, and some had a hint of sepia. At first i thought ToyCamera apply the effects wit a random algorithm, but now i really think its based on the light that hits that object/element that you shoot.

The quality of the images that i took tonight really suck. They all look like u had a 90×90 px avatar and u changed the size of them to a 800×600 wallpaper.That’s the feeling I’m getting from this pictures. And if that’s not enough it looks like the photos were scanned and they got ” scanner dust ” on them.

I cant wait to try it tomorrow on daylight and see what the results will be. The image provided by the developers of ToyCamera its really impressive.