Touchfire: The World’s Thinnest & Lightest Keyboard for iPads 1,2,3,4 [video]


The Touchfire keyboard has all the functionality of a standard keyboard, but in a paper thin, transparent silicone that fits directly on your screen. You can still view the entire screen right through the keyboard with the ability to touch and swipe as if nothing was there.

It’s super minimalistic and it’s extremely easy to use. Did we forget to mention…it’s truly a revolutionary product. So revolutionary that Entrepreneur Magazine voted Touchfire one of the 100 most brilliant companies of 2013. If you own an iPad this product won’t let you down.

The Touchfire keyboard was specifically designed with Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Case in mind, and the black Apple case for iPad 1. But it will also work with any case that leaves enough room on the surface of the iPad for the Touchfire keyboard. It will also work with cases that cover the iPad surface but are thin enough to allow Touchfire’s magnets to hold.

The Touchfire keyboard is available for $38 ( reg. price $50 – 24% off ) here.