Top 15 iPhone 8 Features “Confirmed”

iPhone 8 is the most anticipated Apple flagship since the original iPhone back in 2007. In a new reddit thread, three alleged Foxconn employees gave away extensive information about Apple’s upcoming iPhone and other products.

The subreddit’s moderators have confirmed the identities of the posters with proper documentation and evidence.

  • The new iPhone is called the ‘iPhone X’ (but it is unclear if this is a codename)
  • It looks most like the middle version in both these leaked images (I called it)
  • There is a new dual rear camera with vertical alignment
  • The front bezel will be thinner on the Y-axis
  • Test units have Touch ID under the glass “but performance and yield rates were not good”
  • No version is planned with a rear fingerprint scanner
  • AuthenTech’s long standing Touch ID capacitive touch module has been replaced
  • There will be Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner
  • And plural: “front facing camera modules”
  • RAM remains at 3GB like the iPhone 7 Plus
  • The aluminum unibody is replaced by “composite glass”
  • There’s wireless charging via a rear panel
  • It will again be “water resistant” (no word if the rating has increased)
  • There is no USB-C, Apple is sticking with Lightning
  • Production is indeed delayed

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