Tips on Saving Battery Life for iPhone and iPod Touch

Everybody is complaining about the battery life on iPhone 3G. Well there are a couple of things you can do to save your battery life. This will not have a strict order and some of them tips might not suit you.

  • Once per week try to use all the battery life of your iPhone/iPod Touch and than charge it 100%. By doing this you will reset your battery. The more you recharge your device, without letting the battery die completely, the lower your ‘battery capacity’ is.
  • If you got a jailbreaked device, you know how fast your battery life is sucked . One of the reasons is SSH. The SSH process is running in the background when any network activity is available. You can turn this off with BossPreff or SBSettings.
  • Do you have WiFi? Great thing this WiFi huh? Have you noticed how much battery life this sucks, especially when paired with browsing the web? Well when not used or you are out of its reach, you can turn it off. If WiFi is on, and your not in a hotspot, it will constantly search for networks in background, and your loosing battery life for nothing.
  • Speaking of WiFi…. when you use WiFi turn EDGE and 3G off. ( If you want to use 3G, you NEED TO HAVE EDGE ON . 3G will not work if EDGE is not on )
  • Dim the screen dudes. Really who stands the 100% brightness on the 3G? I really cant , it hurts my eyes. And if you got it set to 100% this beautiful screen will suck the battery life like crazy.
  • Turn off Auto-Brightness . Well , first of all this is annoying ( to me ), and if off it will not only stop increasing the brightness level, it will also use less resources ( nothing to monitor )
  • You might also want to set Auto-Lock to 1 min. The more your screen in on ( if not used ), the more battery its using.
  • Do you like your sound effects? Some of them are cool, but if you don’t want to turn them off, at least set them to either Speaker or Headphones. By default sound effects are set to both.
  • You might also want to turn off EQ. If EQ is off, less resources used to monitor .
  • Try to check your emails less. When emails is checked there is network activity.

Again, this has no particular order and some of them ( or most of them ) might not suit you. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU TO RESET YOUR BATTERY ( see bullet-point 1 ). This is a must, and its not only for iPhone or iPod Touch. The other tips or hints are optional.