TinyUmbrella Updated To v5.00.02

Just a quick heads-up: notcom, just updated TinyUmbrella to v5.00.02. The new version is only crucial for CDMA iPhone 4 users and comes with the following changelog ( changelog also contains changes from the previous version – TinyUmbrella v5.00.01 – which notcom dropped yesterday )

  • 5.0 beta support
  • Removed Web/Socks proxy options (App now just uses System proxy settings)
  • Resized vertically for the resolutionally challenged few individuals that are stuck with pathetically small screens.
  • Added some nag screens for folks that can’t figure out why they can’t save SHSHs because they can’t figure out how to uncheck a box and click a button.
  • Fixed an overwrite of cdma iphone 4 5.0b1 blobs. (Resave them if you have an iPhone 4 CDMA)

Download TinyUmbrella for Mac and Windows here…