‘Time Surfer’ Is Available For Free In The App Store [video]


Time Surfer endless run game for iOS, has been updated today and it also went free for a limited time. The updated adds a new black hole-filled gaming mode called “The Kepler Run” and passive costume perks that provide character enhancements.

Time Surfer follows the last surfer travelling through the galaxy, haunted by an inevitable, destructive force: the end of universe itself. The surfer’s only defense? He can cheat death by rewinding time.

Time Surfer mashes up two very different game ideas to make something new: Tiny Wing’s simple physics-based slingshot gameplay and Braid’s mind-bending time reversal. The result? A twitch-based, time-rewinding, amped-up ride across the fabric of time and space.

Time Surfer is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) for free ( limited time ) in the app store