HOW TO: Theme Your iPhone/iPad Without A Jailbreak [video]


The iPhone 5s/5c is here. The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display is here. iOS 7 is here. But, there’s no jailbreak. If for some people, jailbreaking is just a way to add extra functionality to their iOS devices, others want to add that extra layer to it, and also change the look of the iOS. Just in case you miss your iOS themes, you should know that there’s a way to customize the UI of your iOS device even without a jailbreak. The process is a bit more complex, but you can have some fun with it.

Jump over the break to check out how to do it.

NOTE: the image above shows the iOS ’86 theme. Check it out here.

You will need:

  • iEmpty
  • iCustom
  • You can find all the other resources that the video uses here