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The Doomsday Alarm Clock

You’ve probably heard about the Doomsday clock before. If not, you can check out the previous link ( Wikipedia via Wikiless ) and the FAQ on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists page.

Inspired by the Doomsday clock ( I’m assuming ), developers Steven Nass & Peter Henningsen released a disruptive and disturbing new alarm app – The Doomsday Alarm clock.

Climate change, nuclear war, asteorid strike, evil A.I. There are many potential dangers that could wipe out humanity and the app lets you choose one to wake you up.

Simply choose a doomsday scenario, set your alarm and prepare to be awakened by bone-chilling facts about our eventual demise.

If this app sounds like fun begining of your day, you can download it for free from the App Store.