HOW TO: Use The Terminal To Run Absinthe And Bypass Errors

Absinthe, the new jailbreaking tool for iPhone 4S and iPad 2, is here but it’s not perfect. Many users can’t jailbreak their devices no matter what they do. The tool was updated to bypass the database connection errors that most people encountered due to massive server loads. Still a no go for some. Planetbeing suggested we try to use to run Absinthe, and we did just that. Worked flawlessly.

Jump over the break to see how to use to run Absinthe and jailbreak your iDevices….

1. Download Absinthe – updated version  ( FSM mirror download )

2. Unzip and put it in a folder on your desktop

3. Open Terminal ( /Applications/Utilities/ )

4. cd into the folder that contains Absinthe. The easiest way is to type cd and drag-n-drop the folder into terminal

5. Type ./

6. Now Absinthe will load. Click on ‘Jailbreak’ and sit back and relax.

7. Open up the Absinthe app , and wait for your device to reboot

8. Enjoy your jailbroken device