#TBT: iPhone – A Guided Tour [video]


With all the advancements of iOS 10 and iPhone 7, it’s easy to forget where we were 9 years ago. Today, when a new iPhone is being unveiled, it’s all about how fast it is ( showing how fast it is compared to the first iPhone it’s just ridiculous ) and the camera. And not to mention we pretty much know exactly what we’re going to get months before the official unveiling.

But back in the day, when the first iPhones were unveiled, they were revolutionary, mysterious and exciting. Apple actually released guided tour videos to show you exactly how to use your new iPhone. From how to turn it on/off to how to call people, how to listen to music, take photos or use the mail, it’s all in the videos.

Jump over the break to check a guided your for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS….