Supercharge Your iOS 7 Spotlight With Search+

search+_iOS_Cydia_FSMdotCOMSearch+ is a new jailbreak tweak by developer Ma Jun., that uses Activator to make Spotlight more accessible and supercharges it with many new features. Search+ will also force Spotlight to support landscape orientation.

After installing Search+, you can access Spotlight from anywhere using Activator. Once installed, just assign an Activator action to the tweak and you invoke Spotlight even if you’re in an app.

With Search+ installed you can quickly call and/or send a text/iMessage to a contact by tapping and holding on the contact’s name in the search results until an Action Menu pops up.

The tweak also blurs out the UI behind Spotlight’s search interface and will allow you to clear recent search history from the Spotlight Search.

The tweak comes with its own dedicated preference pane in the where you can configure all the options that Search+ has to offer – enable/disable the tweak, choose your Activator/QuickDo triggers, enable/disable Seatch+ on the Lock Screen and more…

Search+ is available for $0.99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo… ( includes a 3-day free trial )