Star Wars Opening Crawl Recreated In HTML5 & CSS

So , you might wonder what’s all the fuss about this HTML5. We told you that YouTube and Vimeo are experimenting with brand new HTML5 players instead of the current web standard for video which is Flash. Well imagine you are able to watch a video on a browser, without a Flash or Quicktime player required, without killing bandwidth and battery. Sounds good? You bet your ass , it sounds sweeeet.

A guy by the name of Guillermo Esteves has recreated the Star Wars opening crawl, using only HTML & CSS. It only works in Snow Leopard in Safari 4.0.4 and the WebKit nightly. Nothing else supports the CSS 3D transforms and animations he used. That’s right. Chrome can’t do it, Android can’t do it, Palm OS browser is out of the question. On the other hand MobileSafari is able to play it. Check out the vid below, to see how sweet it looks in Safari.