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Spotify For iOS Gets Its Promised Free Music Streaming

spotify-free-for-everyone-FSMdotCOMSpotify updated today their iOS apps to bring the new free listening tiers for mobile customers. Previously, Spotify was free ( ad-supported ) just for desktop users, requiring a $9.99 monthly subscription to access their music database on mobile devices

The new listening tiers come with separate options for both iPhone and iPad ( Android smartphones/tablets ):

  • On iPhone: the service is acts just like iTunes Radio or Pandora, being built around shuffling. Users can search for a specific song or artist, but they will be required to shuffle through an artist’s catalog to access the music. Pre-compiled playlists can also be accessed.
  • On iPad: the service acts just like the current free desktop version, allowing users to search specific tracks, build playlists and listen to content for free ( ad-supported )

You might ask yourself why the difference between the iPhone version of Spotify and the iPad version of the service? Well, Spotify has decided to treat the iPad ( or Android tablets ) as a PC. But users who pay the $9.99/month subscription will have the options to save their pre-compiled playlists for offline access – an option that is not available on the free version of the service.