Speck PixelSkin HD Case For The iPad 2

We all know the iPad 2 is a hot seller these days. The supply can barely keep up with demand. Those that have been lucky enough to grab one of these hot items, obviously want to protect their new investment. So while there is no lack of choices out there to cover the iPad 2, the lack of quality choices is pretty low.

We have been on a hunt since launch day to find a combination that preserves the form factor balanced with overall protection. Something that takes advantage of all of the features of the iPad. Not just the front and rear cameras, but the auto lock that Apple enabled with strategically placed magnets, and the slimness and light weight as well. This new case from Speck comes pretty close.

The PixelSkin HD is reminiscent of the PixelSkin for the iPhone with its grippy square pattern, and full body coverage. Leaving very little of the aluminum body exposed,all of the ports and buttons a still very accessible, and we had no problems plugging in a 3rd party cable or the HDMI adapter with the case on. Obviously, this will not work for people that use a docking station with out taking the case off. The PixelSkin HD comes on and off easily thanks to it’s slightly rigid rubber construction, which seems as if it would handle some pretty tough abuse. Those with slippery hands, or clumsy kids would definitely benefit here.

The PixelSkin HD has a tri-fold front cover that you can fold and secure with a small tab/slot combo and it will support the iPad in a tilted position for typing, a landscape mode for viewing, and even standing up in portrait mode. The front cover is held shut with what Speck calls “micro-suction”, instead of magnets like Apple’s Smart Cover, which is a long strip of an almost sticky area to hold the cover snugly against the glass. Maybe this will change in the future, who knows…

The over all fit is great. The PixelSkin HD holds the iPad 2 firmly and tightly in the semi-rigid rubber. Those of you with screen protectors will be glad to know that the edges of the case fit far enough over the bezel, as to hold screen protectors down, and not push them up at the bottom and corners. Specifically around the home button.

The killer for me on this case though, is the over all weight that is added. It makes the new iPad weigh as much if not a little more, that the first generation iPad. But it seems as if all of this weight is in the front flap, so maybe Speck can address this.

Over all, this is one of the better, full body, cases for the iPad 2 I have tried out, but for now I’m going back to my Smart Cover, and Carbon Fiber skin along with a sleeve for travel.

At a little over $40.00, the PixelSkin HD is fairly priced for it’s amount of coverage, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for complete coverage, and protection against most bumps and rough handling. As long as you don’t mind the weight.