SOS Online Backup: Two Years For The Price Of One!


Have too much stuff on your computer and don’t know what to do with all of it? Problem stored. Now you can backup an infinite amount of data for two years in a secure online backup application so you can share, access, and maintain all of your important files right in one place.

SOS Online Backup is an award-winning automatic backup web application that will have you covered on your PC or Mac and an unlimited number of mobile devices:iPhones, iPads and Androids.

SOS Online Backup has been voted PC Magazine Editors’ Choice 4 years in a row, and because of its Superior security and ease of use, it’s only going to get more attention as more files are backed up.


  • UltraSafe surveillance-proof encryption.
  • Truly and actually infinite cloud storage.
  • Smart file selection wizard automatically figures out which files on your computer need to be backed up.
  • Files are kept forever (even accidentally deleted ones) – so you can always recover before you have a problem.
  • Every past version of every file is kept – we only count the latest version though!
  • You can share files with friends & family directly from your cloud.
  • Mobile backup + Access your cloud anywhere, anytime.

You can now get two years of SOS Cloud Storage for the price of one – ONLY $59.99 ( retail price $100 – 40% off ) here