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Soon You’ll Be Able To Ask Google For Your Flights, Reservations, Package Delivery Info, And More…


Soon, iOS and Android users will be able to use the Google app on their smartphones and tablets, and even on desktops and laptop computers to check out flight statuses, reservations, package delivery or upcoming plans .The app will instantly fetch this stuff for you if it’s in your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google+, or Google Drive. The info will only be shown to you – encrypted and secure – when you’re signed in to Google.

  • Your reservations: Say or type “when is my reservation?” or “where is my hotel?” to bring up exactly what you need. One less thing to worry about during your night out or vacation.
  • Reservations: Ask for “my reservations” to see your dining plans or “my hotel” to get your hotel name and address. With one tap, you can get driving or public transit directions straight there, saving you lots of steps.
  • Purchases: Ask for “my purchases,” and you’ll get the status of your current orders, so you know whether your mom’s birthday present will arrive on time.
  • Plans: Ask Google “What are my plans for tomorrow?” to see a summary of upcoming flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and events—very useful when you’re traveling.
  • Photos: Say “Show me my photos from Thailand” to see the photos you uploaded to Google+. You can also ask for “my photos of sunsets” if you want to show off the shots you’ve taken over the year; Google will try to automatically recognize the type of photo you’re asking for.

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