Sneaker LED Lights from MK Neon [video]

MK Neon released a nice selection of sneaker LED lights, with silhouettes including Jordans, Air Max and Yeezy v2. Check them out here….

You already know I collect vinyl records. When you collect records, more often than not, you’re also into toys and sneakers. I’m not that big into toys, but I do love my sneakers.

I’m definitely no hypebeast, I don’t think boost is life, and I think most Kanye merch is horrible.

I’ll take a pair of Air Force One, Adidas Superstar ( not boost ) or Jordan 3 any day over a pair of Yeezy v2.

No matter what your preferences are, you might want to check out these sneaker LED lights from MK Neon.

You can get a pretty nice selection of silhouettes such as the Jordan 1,3, 4 or 6, Air Max 1, 90 and 180, and of course the Yeezy v2.

Price is $34.90 for a full kit and $15 for each additional silhouette. And they’re available now at MK Neon.

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