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Sneak Peak At TouchAble 2: Control Ableton Live With Your iPad [video]


touchAble, THE Ableton live controller app for iPad, will be updated to v2.0 soon . The update comes as a complete rebuild of the app and introduces many new features.

touchAble 2 introduces:

  • Complete rebuild of the app
  • New and faster Engine
  • New Graphic interface
  • New server
  • New Template editor module : build your own controllers pages
  • New Midi editor/ step sequencer
  • New Isomorphic keyboard
  • New Step Sequencer with Chord & Drum modes
  • New Browser lets access to your library
  • Complete rebuild of XY pad module
  • Hundreds of new features, change and improvements

touchAble provides a powerful, intuitive and reliable multitouch control solution for professional use. The app includes templates for lives plugins and is fully compatible with vsts, audiounits and instruments.

touchAble 2 will be a free update for all touchAble users and v1.3.5 ( current ) it’s available for $24.99 in the app store