Sn0wbreeze Updated To v2.8b3 With Support For iOS5b2

Just a quick heads-up: ih8sn0w updated sn0wbreeze to v2.8b3 with support for iOS5b2. The new update comes with the following changelog:

  • Now jailbreaks iOS 5 (beta 2)
  • Intended for developers ONLY!
  • Does not Hacktivate or add afc2 in this release to prevent piracy.
  • iPhone 3GS old bootrom users have an untethered boot.
  • Now only 15MB 🙂

Supported devices:


  • iPhone 3GS (old bootrom) [UNTETHERED]
  • iPhone 3GS (new bootrom) [TETHERED]
  • iPhone 4 GSM [TETHERED]
  • iPhone 4 CDMA [TETHERED]
  • iPod Touch 3G [TETHERED]
  • iPod Touch 4 [TETHERED]
  • iPad 1G [TETHERED]

You can download sn0wbreeze v2.8b3 here. If you don’t know how to use sn0wbreeze check out our previous tutorial

NOTE: mac users can use redsn0w