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HOW TO: Use Sn0wBreeze Beta To Create A Custom 3.1.2 Firmware [Windows]

Sn0wBreeze, you’ve all heard of it. Maybe good things, maybe bad things, but either way, it’s almost here. And not in the 8 month waiting game, kind of almost here, but in the couple of days, almost here.

We have a gotten our hands on an early Beta copy for testing purposes, and have used it to successfully create and restore an iPhone 3G[S] to a jailbroken 3G[S] with Cydia as the installer.

We said this is was Beta, and there were a couple of problems. Nothing major, and have already been sorted out. First was the boot logo, was inadvertently left out. Which made for very strange re-boots, as it was just a black screen. Not a performance thing, but still annoying. Second was something with the Cydia install and a missing script, that prevented resprings, reboots, and clean-up after installing a package.

If you are still interested in this tool, you can download it from mediafire.

Later Edit: as you probably know sn0wbreeze was not actually “original merchandise” . The tool was actually Xpwn with a new GUI ( horrible one ). Well it seem that because of copyright material, and all the pressure on iH8sn0w from social media, MuscleNerd and GeoHot, the tool was removed. Now you know why i said “…personally i really doubt we’ll see anything issued from iH8sh0w in the near future.” Just wanted to give iH8sn0w the benefit of the doubt, and wait until this was official. We suggest you don’t use this tool yet, but if you want to use it, check the vid below first